If you are interested in IT, then there are numerous paths available for you to choose. IT has so many different tracks that it can often be confusing which certification you should take. Here are some resources which may help you in taking your decision.

Discovery Education


It changes the traditional classroom scenario, provides an environment that inspires students to learn. It teaches how to learn in the digital era. There are lots of useful digital contents, real time problem solving, interactive lessons, professional development, etc. This way, students are going to achieve more in less time.

Microsoft Learning


Here you can get lots of certifications, e-learning opportunities, classroom training and many more from Microsoft. If you earn a Microsoft certification, then it will show your expertise in Microsoft technology. Once you become a Microsoft Certified Professional, you can get access to different resources and tools that you can share with others. You can take online courses, get certified and apply to high salary jobs in the field of IT. There is always huge demand for Microsoft Certified Professional.

Oracle Education


Here you will get various certifications on Oracle. You can also participate in online training programs. Most companies look for Oracle experts to take care of the company’s databases. So, once you are Oracle Certified, you won’t have to run after jobs; they will automatically come to you.

All these websites are on IT education. The demand for IT will always be there. So, obtaining a professional IT certification can help you in getting a good job.