Earl BrennanHi! Welcome to Pinnacle Suite.

I’m Earl Brennan. I teach Information Technology at a local college in Boston. I’m also a member of the Student Counseling department of the college. I chose IT as my subject of study because I know there is huge demand in this field.  The knowledge you can gain in this field is boundless. When students come up to me for suggestions regarding what subject they should pursue in university, I try to encourage them to study IT.

We can see the wonders of IT everywhere. In every sector, the impact of IT is evident. Even in the education sector, IT has transformed many things. For example, people from any part of the world can search for the best universities in US, apply to them online, and get admission. Sometimes, you don’t even need to send the documents by post; you can simply scan it and send it through email. The admission process is much faster now. Students can compare the rankings of various universities, the courses they are offering etc. without a brochure being mailed to them.

In this blog I’ll talk about getting into good universities, prospect of IT education and many more useful things related to education. Hope you’ll find my blog interesting.